First Experience of Dissertation and Exam Marking

So as I start this blog, I’m in the midst of exam marking. It’s why I’m starting slow with the site as I build it up before promoting it! 

Still, it’s worth reflecting on marking I think, just to keep me busy. Dissertation marking has proved quite interesting – the ‘double blind’ marking process creates a good opportunity to talk about assessment with colleagues, and it’s quite reassuring to find your marks generally matching up.

Exam marking is, to be frank, much more of a chore. It’s not as terrible as I’d been led to believe, but when one exam takes up around 3 days solid work, it’s tough going. I’ve always been relatively keen on exams as a form of assessment, but having experienced the marking, I’m now less convinced. That’s not just because I’ve found it tough to mark – rather, as such as large percentage of a student’s assessment, it is concerning to think about how short the amount of time that we’re given to consider them.

Not sure that my first main post should be a complaint, so I should emphasise that there are rewarding moments of insight that you see from students when marking, even in exams. But maybe we’re a little over-reliant on them still…

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