Emotional Geographies Conference Day Two

Well I’ve become a day behind on these but I will add some summaries anyway!

Day two began with Anne-Marie Mol’s plenary – a reflection on how our body is constructed and extended through eating. It owed a lot to her paper in the journal Subjectivity – I forget the title and year but I think it was volume 1, issue 1. There was a second plenary by the planner Geert de Roo. I felt that his most interesting intervention was in contrasting the notion of competition with that of complimentarity. Certainly, it seems like an interesting model for how cities can relate in a global market and much healthier than competition.

I presented in a session on emotional geographies of temporality. When I get to a computer I’ll upload my presentation notes. Clemens Bernardt’s paper was a highlight of the others, with fascinating use of sketching as part of the ethnographic method, as well as a reflection on the temporality created by official procedures. If Clemens looked at the slow rhythms created by procedures in asylum processing, Jonathan Burrows presented lives shaped by the very short procedures of commuters who cross the automated Shenzhen/Hong Kong border. These pauses are still a procedural rhythm, but of a very different kind. Ursula Lang’s paper on the multiple rhythms of domestic gardens and yards completed an excellent session.

My theme for the remainder of the day ended up, over multiple sessions, becoming ‘sound’. Karolina Doughty and Maia Lagerqvist’s paper on the role of pan-flute bands in forming the atmosphere of cities various ways – on the one hand marking blandness and placeslessness, on the other marking globality and converting often dull spaces into more lively ones – was excellent. I also enjoyed artist Louisa Fairclough’s paper on her attempts to capture grief through sound based artworks. She gave me some interesting ideas about how night – in which she often works- fixes us in place in various ways, which helps build my thinking about the temporality of mobility.

Another good but long day was had. I’ll put up some reflections on day 3 later this week!

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