RGS-IBG 2013

With the Emotional Geographies Conference in Groningen  at the start of July and the RGS-IBG at the end of August, it feels that my summer has been bookended by these two conferences.

Looking forward to the RGS, with my paper coming as part of four sessions covering light and dark on the Thursday. The sessions are convened by Phillip Vannini and Tim Edensor, and look exciting. I’m speaking about the return of darkness to Western cities as local authorities look to dim or switch off street-lighting, and how this affects our understanding of the urban. It’s sort of half a paper, focusing on one way in which I want to theorize the city from the night. As such it goes alongside my ideas on ‘incessancy’, about which I spoke at the RGS way back in 2011. Both focus on the maintenance and work that is required through the night to maintain the urban – incessancy speaks to the constancy of this battle, while the return of the dark night shows how there will always be spaces and times outside of the urban. I’m hoping to fit these both together for an article next year some time!

Other things that I’m looking forward to include Paul Simpon, Pete Adey and Damien Masson’s three sessions on ‘ambiance’ and geography, and the ‘Arguing About Cities’ session featuring my PhD supervisor Gordon MacLeod. As always I’m sure that there’ll be a lot of things that I’m not expecting to go to at the moment that I’ll stumble across and enjoy.

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