Paper Uploaded: ‘Beyond night-time economy: Affective atmospheres of the urban night’


Academic articles are like buses: they’re old-fashioned, over-priced and increasingly seem to mainly provide profit for private companies despite being based upon public sector work.

More traditionally, they also seem to all come along at once when I’ve been waiting several years for them. I’ve uploaded a newly published article that forms part of the January 2014 edition of Geoforum. You can find an uncorrected proof of it here. The article expresses my discontent with the term ‘night-time economy’, and the way in which I think it has pushed night time social science/urban geography to focus a little too much on city centre alcohol consumption. I connect my own research to the contemporary literature on atmospheres to argue that what we distinguish as the city centre at night is much better described as an atmosphere, rather than in the terms of an economy.

This link provides free access to the full version of the article until the end of January 2014 for people at institutions who do not subscribe to Geoforum.



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