Conceptualising Spaces of Light and Dark & Photo Exhibition, 14th Jan

Alongside Ankit Kumar, I’m excited to announce an event called ‘Conceptualising Spaces of Light and Dark’, being held at the Institute of Advance Studies in Durham on 14th January 2014, from 10:00-17:00. It’s co-funded by the IAS and by the ‘Urban Worlds’ research cluster of the geography department.
The workshop explores the geographies of light and dark. We are interested in both theoretical exploration, that is, looking at how these two ideas help us theorize space and place and what we pay attention to when we explore them, and empirical exploration, including questions of how people use darkly lit spaces, how precarious or dangerous lighting access affect people’s lives and how alternative and community lighting schemes are being used in various locations. We’re hoping to connect with the 2013/14 IAS annual theme on light, and drawing on the fact that two geographers – Tim Edensor and Pete Adey – will be visiting Durham as IAS fellows in 2014.
All are welcome but please contact me to book a space as places are limited! The programme is here.
While I’ve got your attention, can I also direct you to an exhibition that Ankit is holding at Elvet Hill House in Durham, next to the Oriental Museum. The exhibition runs from 6th-10th January 2014 and will consist of photographs from his research, exploring different forms of lighting in rural India and how people engage with them. Details of the exhibition are also at Ankit’s Blog!

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