Summer activities: New Article on street-lighting, Ecosophical Geographies and Widening Participation

Hello reader,

I’ve had a busy summer – apologies for a quiet few months from the blogging front (not, I suspect, that you had much noticed or cared)! Our ‘Ecosophical Geographies’ session at the RGS went well, largely thanks to the excellent contributions of our participants. You can read a very nice write-up from one of them, Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard, here, and a review from Derek Jones as well. Thanks to them for going to effort of summarizing that, so I don’t have to! I co-convened the sessions with Gerald Taylor Aiken of the University of Luxembourg, and we’re currently planning to take the sessions further with a special issue. More on that soon!

I also presented to the Institute of Lighting Professionals’ Professional Lighting Summit in September – a very interesting event, particularly in seeing the variety of ‘smart’ urban design technologies that are now being advertised. A special mention too for the Supported Progression scheme that I did in July and August – these were a great opportunity to meet and work with local young people who will hopefully soon become Durham students. The Supported Progression is a rare example of a genuinely good widening participation scheme from Durham – I hope that the university continues to support and fund it.

Finally, I’m excited to announced that my article on changes in street-lighting practices in England and Wales is now published in Environment and Planning A. I’ll post an update and short summary of it when the free to access version appears on Durham Research Online.

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