Hello Brazilians (Olá Brasileiros)!

I’m the kind of person who procrastinates by keeping an eye on my webpage stats. I’m interested to see that in the last few months (despite the inactivity of my blog – sorry!) my page has been receiving an increased number of views from Brazil, such that in the last month it has been largest single source of traffic to this website: the total number of visitors from Brazil has been equal to the number from the UK or USA combined.

Now this may be because my work is proving unexpectedly popular among the social scientists of Brazil, but I’m slightly sceptical. Is there a celebrity Rob Shaw in Brazil who I’m being mistaken for?  Or has a reading list in Brazil sent a stream of students towards my site?

Anyway – if you’ve come here from Brazil I’m genuinely interested in knowing if you were looking for me specifically, or if there’s some other explanation – and perhaps a link I can offer to send people happily on their way to the Brazilian Rob Shaw!

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