Conferences, Writing and General Update

Hello all,

A while since I posted here, so I thought I’d give a little update as to how my work is going. I’ve largely been quiet due to work on grant applications – an interesting process but one which is takes up a lot of time! I’m looking forward to our sessions on ‘Persisting’ at the 2015 Emotional Geographers Conference – we’re lucky to be on right after the keynote speak of Lauren Berlant: full programme here. I’m also giving a couple of papers at the 2015 RGS-IBG Annual Conference in Exeter, for which the draft programme has just been produced.

Current writing projects include a chapter for the book ‘Exploring Atmospheres Ethnographically’, edited by Susanne Schmitt and Sara Schroer. It’s been good to have a go at putting some ethnographic text together again – I might post a bit of the ethnographic text in a few days time just to see if there’s any comments or generally for my own amusement. As well as conference paper writing, I’m hoping to get an article submitted to Geography Compass by the end of the summer which will explore contemporary understandings of night in geography, focusing on the history (and future) of the ‘frontier’ metaphor – as part of this, my aim is to read Luc Gwiazdzinski’s  La Nuit, Dernière Frontière de la Ville: this will be tricky as my French is rusty at best but I’m keen to engage with the rich Francophone scholarship on the urban night.

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