Book Writing Blog

I’m writing a book!

Which is a very exciting, privileged position to be in. A few months ago I signed a contract with… (searches inbox)… Routledge to write a book, called… (searches inbox)… ‘The Nocturnal City’ with a due date in September 2017. As forgetting the publisher and title my suggest, these presentational details are not always my strong point. The actual name of a piece of work is something I usually find of little to no interest, and I’m always amazed whenever anyone actually remembers to write something like an abstract – I usually find myself scrabbling around to write one as I submit something.

Anyway, what I DO have is the full book proposal and so day 1 of writing is being spent rereading this, while on a train to the British Sociological Association’s conference in Birmingham, as well as sketching out an outline of the chapters. I’ve got one or two other writing commitments to work with but beyond this I’m hoping that the summer and autumn will be relatively free for this book – I have been trying to say ‘no’ to stuff or at least to reduce my commitments as a way of building up to having a good run at writing.

I think it’s quite well established that writing feeds other writing so I thought I’d try and blog my writing experience. Whether this will actually happen or not I’m less certain – my efforts towards blogging have been pretty scant to-date. But I’m hoping that the act of knocking out 300-500 words here every time I sit down to write will help warm my brain up a little. And this will very much be ‘knocking out’ a few hundred words – I’m afraid my book is going to get the good stuff! This is much more of a literary equivalent of squat thrusts. And with that image in mind, I’m going to sign off and get on with the main event!

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