Book Writing Blog: Spreadsheets!

Well I’m onto my second day of writing after last week’s efforts. I’ve decided to take a very structured approach and to really suck the fun/creativity out of the process with spreadsheets!

Book Spreadsheet

As you can see, I’ve given myself rough targets of dates, word totals and am starting to track my progress (sorry chapter themes are secret for now!).

My initial goal is 1500 words a week during term time, and then I’ll try and up that to 2-3000 in the summer. I’ve also given myself the words that I did on the first day as a free boost! I’m hoping that this approach will help me keep on top of the process – I found something similar useful when doing my thesis. It does make the task much less daunting when it’s broken down into these fragments: two efforts of 750 words a week feels much more achievable.

What I hope is that this doesn’t damage the creativity of the book as a whole – I guess there’s a danger that book written by spreadsheet is about as interesting as one! I think I can use this as a tool, and I won’t beat myself up if there’s weeks where I don’t make the target.

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