Book Writing Blog: 2 weeks in

Two weeks into writing now and I think that I’m settling into a bit of a rhythm. I’m getting the words done, but that’s probably because I’ve got a bit of a teaching lull until the exam period now. I’m not too sure yet on the quality of those words either, but with writing in the past I’ve always taken the approach of getting things written and THEN trying to make them good.

For the chapter I’m working on, I’ve got a fairly straight forward structure of a 1500 or so word introduction, the arguments of which are then explored through three worked examples. I’ve written the intro and the first of those examples, and can see that I’m going to go well over my word limit for the chapter. I’m quite comfortable with that for now, though, because I think once written this will need significant tightening up: I’ll need to go back and look at whether I’ve gone down rabbit holes with these worked examples. The interesting thing is that I’m learning as I make my arguments. I hope that’s a good thing – it should mean that the writing is fairly fresh, if nothing else!

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