Book Writing Blog – ‘Poleward Bound’

Poleward: towards a pole of a planet.

I think this is my favourite word which I’ve written for the book so far: I tried it in Word to see if it existed, and was impressed when a red squiggly line didn’t appear (although the WordPress blogging software is, it seems, not so ‘poleward’ friendly). A fun element of writing is the learning part, and certainly I’ve always been someone who comes to understand what I think through writing much more than through reading, and this it seems includes finding out new words to use.

I hit my first real dead-end this week, so have started reviewing the already-written bits to try and get a sense of where the chapter was going. That’s worked to keep me writing, and I’m hoping it will help me move on and get a draft of this (relatively short) chapter written by mid-May

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