‘Pushed to the Margins of the City’: Nuit Debout research published

I’m happy to write about the publication of my new article ‘Pushed to the margins of the city: The urban night as a timespace of protest at Nuit Debout, Paris ‘ in Political Geography, reporting on the research that I did at Nuit Debout in Paris last year. The article is free to view until 19th July via this link.

The article is an attempt to ask what difference ‘night’ made to the protests, in the wider context of the emergence of urban protest camps (Occupy, Indignados, etc) since 2007. It looks at both night as a resource for protesters, and as a barrier to achieving their goals. I argue that the turn to night is in part a response to increased restrictions on day-time protests in urban spaces, and also an effect of the ability to make protests visible online, reducing the importance slightly of making a protest visible in the city itself.

The article is just a short reflection, but I’m looking forward to building on it by attending the Protest Camps and Beyond  research workshop at Leicester University in June, and speaking on the topic at the  (en) Countering change, (dis) Assembling placeness  session at the 2017 RGS-IBG Annual International Conference

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