Teaching qualitative methods

For the last three years, I’ve convened the qualitative methods half of GEO1018:Geographical Analysis here at Newcastle University. I also previously carried out a lot of methods teaching at Durham, and also do around half of our second year qualitative methods teaching here at Newcastle too.

So I’ve started, I think, to develop a sense of what does and doesn’t work in introducing qualitative methods to students!

However, I’ve struggled to find resources in text-books or online when designing seminars and other activities. Where I have found them, they’ve been very useful.

So, to that end (and to try and make my blogging a bit more frequent), I’ve decide to put a weekly blog here with a summary of the lecture content, seminar activities and other details. I hope that this might be a resource people will find useful in future! I’ll tag all the posts with ‘GEO1018: Qualitative Methods’.

The course starts next week and so I’ll upload the structure of the course later today, and details of the first session next week.

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