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Other Articles:




  • Fragmenting Working Times in the Nocturnal City, Nordic Geographers Meeting 2019, Trondheim, June 2019
  • Gallows Humour, Geographies of Mood, Durham University, Durham, January 2019


  • The Nocturnal City Launch at International conference on the urban night: Governance, Diversity, Mobility, University of Sofia, Sofia, June 2018
  • George Orwell’s Moon under Water: Understanding Pub Atmospheres at Night-Time Economies Workshop, Cultural Significance of Place Research Group, Newcastle University, Newcastle, February 2018
  • On ‘The Loss of Night’ at University College London, London, January 2018


  • On the ‘day’ of Everyday Life at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, London, September 2017
  • Contesting Temporalities of Place at Nuit Debout, Paris at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, London, September 2017


  • Living with the Night: Ecologies of Subjectivity in the Incessant City. in Gregory Bateson and the Anthropology of Life at Laboratoire d’Anthropologie Sociale, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, September 2016
  • Night as Fragmenting Frontier: Understanding the Night that Remains in an Era of 24/7 at British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Aston University, Birmingham, March 2016
  • The Fragmenting Frontier of Night in an Urban World at University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, January 2016


  • Electric City, Electric Earth: Night, Lighting and the Temporal Limits to the City in The Field Formally known as Urban Studies at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, Exeter, September 2015
  • Producing Urban Life: Infrastructural Perspectives (with J. Silver and E. Richardson) in Producing Urban Life at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, Exeter, September 2015
  • Incessant Cities in Geographies of Persisting at Fifth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, Edinburgh, June 2015


  • To Dim or Not to Dim? Street-Lighting Policy in a Newly Politicized Arena at Institute of Lighting Professionals Professional Lighting Summit, Invited VIP Speaker, Solihull 25th September 2014
  • Bringing Deleuze and Guattari down to Earth through Gregory Bateson: Guattari’s Ecosophical Subjectivity in Ecosophical Geographies at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, London, August 2014
  • Geographies of Affect, Light and Dark at Configuring Light ESRC Seminar Series, Seminar 1 London School of Economics, 24th April 2014
  • Darkness in the Home at Conceptualising Spaces of Light and Dark, Durham, 14th January 2014


  • Placing Stags and Hens: A Geography of British Stag and Hen Weekends at ‘Drinking Dilemmas: Space, Culture and Identity‘, BSA Alcohol Studies Group, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 12-13 December 2013


  • Ecosophy, Space and Corporeity: The Emergent Subject in Bateson and Guattari, in Geography and Post-Phenomenology at RGS(with IBG) Annual International Conference, Edinburgh, July 2012


  • A Performative Body-Politics of the Night-Time Street in Politics of the Street, Durham University, November 16th 2011
  • ‘Alive After Five’: Generating the Cosmopolitan Evening Economy in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Geographies of Nightscapesat Annual Conference of the Association of American Geographers, Seattle, April 12th-16th 2011
  • Cleaning Up the Streets: Infrastructural Work in the Urban Night at Everyday Infrastructure and the City, Durham University, May 4th 2011
  • Becoming incessant: The post-24 hour city in ‘Emerging from the dark’: explorations into the experiences of the night’ at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, London, Aug 31st – Sep 2nd 2011
  • The affective strategies of regeneration in ‘Reproblematising Regeneration’ at RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference, London, Aug 31st – Sep 2nd 2011


  • Being Affected by Alcohol in the Night-Time City at Intoxicants and Intoxication in Cultural and Historical Perspective, Christ’s College, Cambridge. July 20th-22nd 2010.

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