The Nocturnal City Book

My first book was published in March 2018 by Routledge. ”The Nocturnal City”  was mainly written from 2014-2017, but it has its origins in my PhD research started back in 2007.  You can buy it at at Routledge’s website.

The book puts the night at the heart of understanding urban life. It is the first English language book to do this, and to explore the night in and of itself as an object of research, since Murray Melbin’s Night as Frontier back in 1989. It’s argument is simple: that while the urban night is being transformed into a space more active, more dynamic and more diverse than ever before, it is also not becoming the same as day.


The Nocturnal City (photographed of course at night!)



“Throughout the chapters, Shaw builds his argument about why the study of night, which he refers to a ‘nightology’, is a critical aspect of understanding the urban environment.  In his summary chapter advocating for more night research beyond the urban public space and his vision for future research into the night, Shaw remarks, “night-time research has a long way to go to match the diversity of spaces that have been studies during the day” (Caitlin Dempsey, Geolounge, April 2018)